Can Martial Arts Help Basketball Players Improve?

Basketball players are usually tall people, as that helps them win games. Usually, because there have been professionals who were nowhere near the height of their peers, yet they still managed to win trophies and compete at the highest level. Basketball players need to work on a plethora of skills, most of which have nothing to do with making the shot.

Could a different sport help basketball players achieve a better level? Yes, yes they could. Wait, isn’t that as preposterous as UFC betting tips being useful to people who primarily bet on basketball? Well, it is not preposterous at all, all the general and underlying skills required to bet on martial arts could very well be translated to almost every other sport.

In case of martial arts helping basketball players, here are the benefits that basketball players can get from martial arts.

Balance is Key

Balance is a very important thing, and if you ever saw a basketball player fall, then you know the damage they can sustain. Balance is important in all sports which use balls as an integral element of play, and basketball players, due to their height, often have balance issues. This has more to do with the centre of gravity for tall people being less favorable on our planet. Balance is important in all contact sports, not to mention sports where a lot of running, jumping and often, falling, is one of the main components of gameplay. Having a good balance can prevent a fall from happening or turn a really bad fall into an acceptable one.

Strong Ankles are Helpful

Ankles which are strong and flexible are a very important part of sports which include running as a major part of gameplay. A flexible and strong ankle will not break or be sprained when put under stress, a bad landing for example. Falls and twists shouldn’t be as harmful when the ankles are ready. Basketball players being rather tall, martial arts exercise would benefit their ankles very much, especially if done on a tatami, barefoot.

A New Mind-Muscle Connection

Basketball requires players to have a certain mind to muscle connection which works great in a basketball environment but when faced with unfamiliar territories such as falling, they might not know how to react. Judo, for example, is a great teacher of falling and hitting the ground hard, yet without any real damage, other than to one’s pride. Practicing different martial arts can give basketball players a new connection to their muscles, making them more aware of their own body in critical situations.

Martial arts are great and can help basketball players get better at basketball, whether by preventing injuries or by giving them an edge in balance and muscle readiness.

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