Does Age Matter When it Comes to Training Basketball?

We all know that training for a sport can be a hard challenge for everybody involved. Some sports are more difficult by nature and with others, a more gradual approach can be taken. Sports like basketball require the player to have a certain skill set that is valued in any of the five positions on the court. All players should be good at shooting, but not all players have to be good at blocking or dribbling. Some are exquisite passers while others are great at dunking.

All of these skills are practiced. However, is age a problem when it comes to training basketball? It depends on what you want to achieve. Let us break it down.

Professionals Start Very Young

Professional basketball players, like most professional athletes nowadays, start their careers very young. They know what they want and they train for it from a very early age. Not all professionals can know for sure that they will grow tall enough to be able to at least compete at the highest level of play, but they can assume, based on their parents. 

Regardless, most professionals start training basketball before they turn ten. In high school, particularly in the United States, getting a scholarship based on your sports skills is a very important part of going through University, given the prices. 

If going pro is your dream, then starting basketball at a later stage in life is very hard. Most professionals nowadays are discovered before they turn 20 years of age, at least the prodigies. Although, any active NBA player earns more than a decent salary.

Training for Amateur Leagues

If you don’t want to compete in the NBA, then learning basketball can be done at any age, provided that your knees and ankles are alright. Basketball requires a lot of mobility and is a contact sport. More people are injured playing basketball than are the ones who train parkour and other extreme sports.

It is possible to start your basketball journey at any age, provided that you play in the right categories and not against professionals who are leagues above the level, fitness, and otherwise.

Training For One’s Own Sake

If you just like basketball and have always wanted to play, then you can train at any age, provided that you are healthy enough to run, throw and jump. Basketball at a very basic level does not require tons of preparation and fitness. If you plan to play against others, be prepared for a more physical experience, but let everyone know what level you are at. Competition is great, though not at the expense of injuries.

You can always just go to the courts and shoot on your own. There is joy in playing basketball alone on a quiet, sunny day.

Basketball can be trained at any age, provided that you are realistic and sincere about what your goal is. Professionals start at a very early age but those who do not want to compete at the highest level can start training at 70, if they want. In the end, it is all about shooting hoops.