The Best British Basketball Teams

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We are familiar with basketball teams that play in the NBA, as it is the most popular basketball league in the world, the one every basketball player wants to reach.

There are many more leagues all over the world, yet this time, we shall look at British basketball and their best teams.

Newcastle Eagles

The Eagles are Britain’s most successful basketball team, having won 7 BBLs or British Basketball League championships. They are the best team with the best overall score, but as it goes in the BBL, they change the name so many times since the team’s founding in 1976. 

Their historic rival is the Glasgow Rocks team, but recently they have made a rivalry of the Leicester Riders. This is to be expected, given that the Riders is the closest team to the Eagles in terms of championship wins, but still 2 shy of even tying for first place.

Leicester Riders

The Riders are an older team than the Eagles, having been established in 1967. They hail from Leicester, England, and have won 5 championships. Compared to the Eagles, they have had only three name changes, making them one of the few teams in the league that has been consistent through the decades. They did change 5 arenas as their home field, prior to settling on the current Morningside Arena which used to be known as the Leicester Arena. They have a rivalry with the only team with more wins, the Eagles.

They are actually the oldest team in the league, particularly when you count that they have been active all the time.

Sheffield Sharks

The Sharks are a team from Sheffield, wearing an interesting collection of colors, navy blue, yellow, and silver. The Sharks have 4 championship titles and are the third most winningest team in the league. Interestingly enough, they started their journey in 1991 as the Sheffield Forgers. The name was changed to Sharks in 1994. Their best years were the late 1990s and the early 2000s when they dominated the league. Their debut season as the Sharks in 1994 was a dominating season, where they won the Championship but lost to the Tigers for the trophy.

Guildford Kings

Some teams come and go and the Guildford Kings were a team with 4 BBL championships that lasted from 1973 until 1994. They were a good team with poor management, which ended up having to sell the team’s license and fold the team. The reason for the sale was a failed deal with Guildford Spectrum, a company that was supposed to sponsor their 1994 season.

The team had many names over the years, being the London Metros, Kingston B.C, Glasgow Rangers until finally settling for the Kings.

Interestingly, the team that was created after purchasing their license also folded in 2003. The Essex Leopards didn’t last very long, either.

British basketball is interesting and these are some of their best basketball teams, past and present.