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By Ron Bailey

Dion Wiley has established himself as a hot commodity on the national recruiting scene. This was basically done during the summer past, as previously only schools in the District-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) area, or coaches with very strong connections there, like DePaul and then UMass, really knew he existed.

A summer with Team Takeover’s top 16u squad has changed things for the now 6-foot-4, 210-pound, Class of 2014 swingman.

“You want offers?” asked Wiley, after classes one day at his school, Potomac HS (MD), when asked to supply a college list.
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By Ron Bailey

As a Class of 2014 guard, Romelo Trimble is starting to seriously scrutinize possible future college homes, as they are he. Trimble, the 6-foot-3, 180-pound performer with DC Assault on the circuit and Bishop O’Connell in high school, is positioning himself to indeed by highly recruited.

Per Trimble, during a recent DC Assault workout, he established the list of colleges having offered a scholarship as “Maryland, Rutgers, Villanova, Miami, UNLV, George Mason, Cincinnati and Notre Dame.” He later added a number of schools, like Georgetown have expressed interest, but to date have not offered.

In terms of being recruited, Trimble values straight forwardness, saying “All schools have to be honest with me.” Also important are “going somewhere I’m going to get my chance to play,” as well as “Hopefully developing and get into the NBA.”
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By Ron Bailey

October 15, 2012 – Fresh off a Friday visit to University of Maryland, where he took in the Terp’s Midnight Madness celebration, on Sunday Roddy Peters shined some light on his recruitment status. His suitors need to take note, as then he noted a decision would likely be reached, “Probably in another two weeks”. A web rumor today, suggests Peters is planning on announcing his future college choice tonight. Anyway you cut it; things are coming to an end.

What about his visit to College Park for Midnight Madness, a celebration of everything Terp Hoops, one that is replicated all over the country by schools? (That day is the first a team can actually come together in a coaches supervised fashion).

“It went real good. The players were nice. The celebration was nice. The coaches were nice,” replied Peters, a Class of 2013 guard, one that attends Suitland HS (MD) and hit the circuit with DC Assault this year.
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by Ron Bailey

Wednesday at the Franklin Grille, a Northwest, Washington, DC eatery across from his Sidwell Friends School, Josh Hart announced he would don Villanova University silks in college. A class of 2013 swingman, Hart chose coach Jay Wright’s program over Rutgers and Penn State.

According to Hart, the driving focus of why he chose the Wildcats was a belief in Wright’s ability to “develop me into a man.”

During the ceremony, Josh shared an appreciation for Villanova’s “Great tradition with guards.” He also expected to “Defend, slash to the basket” and playing at multiple spots on the court, depending on situations, as the younger Hart noted “I can play the one through the four,” before smiling slyly “and even some five.”
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Brooklynite got in good bump last week

By Ron Bailey

New York City has been central to the BIG EAST since its inception, producing the likes of Pearl Washington, Chris Mullins, Malik Sealy and Kemba Walker. That’s just a very brief snapshot of Big Apple guys that have played in the B-EAST. Currently there is a Brooklyn resident that could find his way into the league. He had a solid Nike Skills U camp.

Class of 2014 point guard Khadeem Carrington, a 6-foot-2, 175-pound guy originally from Brooklyn’s Flatbush section but now living in Canarsie, routinely demonstrated an ability to push the ball in traffic with good body lean, generally resulting a good pass delivery or solid finished. The lefty possesses craftiness and strength, which he uses well of the bounce.

His recruitment is in full swing. Read more


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Multi-talented ’13 G/F sets January 3rd decision date

By Ron Bailey

When he was younger, Rondae Jefferson was like a lot of kids in Chester – he greatly loved basketball. It’s a community thing.

“We just take a lot of pride in it, we really do” said the Class of 2013 forward of what round ball means to people in Chester, a hard scrabble city just outside of Philadelphia. “That’s the only sport that’s happening in our area, everybody just gives it a 110%, (the game) just motivates us.”

As such, Jefferson, a 6-foot-7, 200-pounder who attends Chester High School didn’t simply confine playing to his age group: “We’d go play with the older guys, they’d be more physical, stronger. It just makes us play hard. We might not be able to score on them, but we’d go out and try and defend somebody, try to bump somebody; just try and get mentally stronger and physically.”
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By Ron Bailey

When you are 6-foot-9 and excel punishing rims, particularly in transition, weigh around 215 pounds and are only a rising junior who plays and excels at prep school ball at Salisbury School (CT), schools are bound to heavily recruit you. Chris McCullough follows suit.

Syracuse, St. John’s, Arizona, UConn, Temple, Miami and Kansas” are some of the colleges he’s hearing from often, shared McCullough during this year’s National Basketball Player’s Association Top 100 High School Basketball Camp. McCullough also stressed he is still wide open in his recruitment, however, the BIG EAST is well situated.

'14 Chris McCullough attacks the rim often.

McCollugh’s thoughts on the B-EASTat conference: “I like the BIG EAST. I would like to play there”.

He’s looking for “A transition offense” in addition to “A good relationship with the coaches”. No leaders exist for McCullough at this time, who will receive help in making his decision from a trusted uncle. That choice will occur “Around December of my senior year”.

What advice has he received in terms of improving on the court? Many might only focus on his prodigious rim attacking proclivity.

“I need to work on my overall game” responded McCollough, a well spoken and respectful young guy. When pressed on his outside shooting, Chris acknowledged it as a needed point of improvement, noting “I’m working on it this summer and I did little bit last summer too”. That work should include spot up shooting as well as stop-and-pop stuff.

McCullough must get stronger if he expects to pound rims consistently at the highest levels of college ball – which entails much contact – particularly at his desired position of “power forward – three (small forward)”. He understands that, and even wants to gain around 10 more pounds.

During NBPA Top 100 Camp play, McCullough, who is currently #14 in the NBE Pre-Live July Period Class of 2014 Top 40, notched averages of 8.3 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 1.1 helpers per game.


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By Ron Bailey

Basketball is a global concern now, with competitors emerging from locales across the globe. National Basketball Association team rosters prove the point, as players from virtually every continent exist there.

As in most things, trends trickle down from the highest level, and hoops is no different; there has been a movement for decades in which high school-aged international players attend U.S. high schools with the hopes of at a minimum gaining a collegiate scholarship.

Junior Etou is just such a guy. This native of Congo, Central Africa is not only playing in the States, but also is flourishing.

A 6-foot-8, 215-pound, active, athletic player in the Class of 2013, Etou attacks the boards, defends and scores from around 12 feet in consistently. He’s the kind of guy that wins ball games for college programs.
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By Ron Bailey

Things started inauspiciously for Class of 2013 guard Roddy Peters in National Basketball Players Association Top 100 High School Basketball Camp play, as in his first game – and somewhat less so during day one’s second contest – he looked uncertain, maybe even nervous. For the first game, Peters, a 6-foot-2 guard dropped four points, two assists and six points during the second. His mojo just wasn’t on display at the University of Virginia’s John Paul Jones Center.

After the first contest, Peters was reached and supplied an interesting and honest explanation for his play, which included an aversion to attacking the tin, bailing out his drives by passing almost too early, and missed shots: “My first game down here and everything, I was kind of nervous. I didn’t really know what I was getting into to”.
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By Ron Bailey

Bodies were aching – just ask the body prep (message, stretching) crew – during Saturday, the final day of NBAPA Top 100 play. With a championship on the line, players wanted to compete, at all costs.

Speaking of that ‘chip, the camp’s Thunder team captured it, defeating the Mavericks in a thrilling final. NBE Basketball Report again has the goods of that day.

Most Impressive Performer – You heard rumblings about this guy, but many times rumblings are rife with more hyperbole than substance – there have been a number of tall players hailing from Africa that seem to fall into that category. Well, accepting the risk of being premature, Senegal’s Mamadou N’Diaye appears to be the real thing.
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By Ron Bailey

Following are a few observations/thoughts from Friday, the second NBAPA Top 100 Camp day open to media personnel, where one BIG EAST-commit had the camp stop and stare on more than one occassion…

Standout PerformerAquille Carr, the 5-foot-6 Class of 2013 point guard showed why he’s one of the most electric performers in high school America, and also why he can also be puzzling. All in the same contest.

First, the good: Carr finished today averaging 16 points, three assists and three rebounds over two games, in spectacular fashion. During the day’s first set of games, Carr, battling with fellow Class of 2014 guard Tadrick Jackson, coming down and hit a number of impossible shots around the hoop, including leaners and through contact. He also finished via layups, including one in which while on the break he simply dipped his shoulder, got under the defender’s shoulder and blurred to the cup. It was startling.
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By Ron Bailey

The National Basketball Association Players Association Top 100 High School Basketball Camp commenced today, with over a hundred of the best high school players in the classes of 2013 and 2014 convening at the University of Virginia’s John Paul Jones arena. If you can’t get hyped for this, you don’t like hoops.

Following are notes from a jam-packed first full day of action at the camp…

Standout Performer – In a camp with as much talent as is present here, singling an individual best player is a difficult task; heck, doing so is so subjective anyway, if you polled 10 attendees, you might get close to 10 different answers.

Though statistically rising senior Dominic Woodson leads the camp in scoring with a 17 point per game average, Class of 2014 performer Kavon Looney made a lasting impression as he stood out. A 6-foot-8 forward out of Hamilton HS in Milwaukee (WI), Looney does a little bit of everything – he scored, rebounded and dropped assists, averaging 11 points, 2 dimes and 6.5 caroms over a pair of games.

When asked to describe his game, Looney simply said “I do whatever I need to, to win”.
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Anya’s game is taking shape

By Ron Bailey

June 26, 2011 – A late entry to this year’s National Basketball Association Players Association Camp, Beejay Anya was taking a step up in competition by competing. It’s not that he hasn’t seen this level of play before as a standout with Team Takeover (AAU) 17u and DeMatha Catholic (MD), but the NBAPA TOP 100 offers not only a talent filled attendees list, but solid coaching and imparting/reinforcing new concepts as well. Anya stepped up to the challenge.

“It’s a good level of bump up here. I feel like the competition is great. I’m trying to hold my own and I’m holding my own” said the 6’7”, 275 plus-pound center forward in the Class of 2013, midway through camp. From a team standpoint, Anya played with the camp’s Thunder team; he went on to note “today my team didn’t do so well. Hopefully we’ll stay together and play better.”

Individually, Beejay showed power around the rim, where he stepped into opponents and finished, hard. Possessing long arms, Anya’s a surprising shot blocker and good rebounder when remaining active. Not a gazelle but having good feet, Beejay displays solid low post footwork (a developmental focal point of his), and at times fills lanes.
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By Ron Bailey

Nerlens Noel6’10”, 215 lb junior center, Tilton School (NH) – When discussing Noel’s game, defense is front and center. Just ask him.

“I think the strong part of my game is my defense, just anchoring the defense, trying to be as vocal as I can” he said between games at the recently concluded National Basketball Player’s Association Top 100 Camp in Charlottesville, VA. “Blocking shots, rebounding. Defense wins championships and that’s what I strive to do.”

And that’s what he did, rejecting shots at a prodigious rate. When he did not send them awry, he pressured shooters, thereby forcing them into difficult attempts and/or missing. Noel’s a fly swatter, one with long arms and the ability to get off the ground quickly.
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By Ron Bailey

Negus Webster-Chan, 6’6”, 190 lb senior shooting guard, Huntington Prep (WV) – Another of the Canuck invasion, Webster-Chan has just been in America full-time for about a year. Of course he’s had to adjust, on and off the floor.

In terms of the hardwood, Webster-Chan said of Huntington Prep “That was my first year in the States going to school out here. It was a real good experience; I got a lot bigger and gained more weight. I went up against better competition than I’m used to. Everybody had a big name in high school.”

Off the floor, he not only had to deal with a different style of life amongst youth in America, but Huntington, WV and perceptions of Canada as well. “That was real hard because I come from a big city” said the Toronto native. Moreover, “They (teammates) think we have a whole bunch of snow every day, it’s not like that. It’s sunny right now at home. It’s hot!”

Negus Webster-Chan looks to attack off the dribble in NBA Top 100 Camp action last week.

Negus played solidly during NBAPA Top 100 action, displaying a penchant for perimeter play whether shooting, passing or driving. Lateral quickness can be improved, a point he acknowledges. If you ask Webster-Chan, he’s “working one everything. Everything can be improved.”

This Canadian indicated he considers himself “a combo guard, but they are using me as a two guard out here”. Webster-Chan admitted Top 100 was “like my first camp ever” and took away from it the opportunity to “learn a lot off the court about life skills and on the court from the optional workouts we had in the morning.”

According to him “Seton Hall, Marquette, Virginia, USC, South Florida, Texas, Iowa State, Oregon” plus “more schools” have offered.

Webster-Chan had originally made a verbal commitment to Louisville during the past season, but re-opened the process earlier this spring.

What are his college criteria?: “I’m just looking for a place that fits me…like how they want to use me, I’m comfortable there. (Where) I’ll have a great relationship with the head coach. (If) My parents are comfort able with it. It doesn’t matter if I’m East Coast or West Coast.”


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By Ron Bailey

Ricardo Gathers, 6’7”, 250 lb senior power forward, Riverside Academy (LA) – If there was a BIG EAST prototypical four man, a guy that at first blush one would say belongs in the nation’s most physical league it’s Gathers, who looks like he might be very comfortable attacking quarterbacks from the defensive end position. Despite reportedly claiming he doesn’t push iron, Gathers looks as if he lives in the weight room.

It’s evident to say he’s a physical beast on the hardwood.

“I’m a power man. I can play finesse but I mean, I’m bulling everybody” he said of his NBAPA Top 100 Camp play. It was an accurate description, as Gathers routinely muscled his way into scoring and rebounding position, while also playing stout interior defense.

But that doesn’t mean he’s wed to only playing that way.

“That’s when I’m going to start using my mind, thinking it out more” responded Ricardo to the need for diversification in college. “You know, finessing people.”

Ricardo Gathers attacks off the bounce in NBA Top 100 camp drill action

Doing so dovetails with his goal to “try and become the three (small forward) by the time I set foot on the college campus”. He understands that work needs to be done. Subsequently, Gathers indicated “I have to live in this gym; just watch the players at that position, so you can learn.”

Ricardo on whether hitting jumpers from around 15 feet and attacking the rim off a couple of dribbles is advantageous: “Of course. A 15-17 foot jumper is going to help; I’m mean that just makes the game a whole lot easier. Then being able to beat your defender off at least one or two dribbles, I mean, that’s just domination right there. 15 feet in, that’s what I’m trying to work on.”

The shooting work is starting to show; while not draining outside shots left and right, Gathers did hit open ones from about 17 feet, including fast break pull ups.

Where do schools envision him playing? “Some say four, some say three” he shared.

BIG EAST institutions “St. John’s, West Virginia, Syracuse, UConn, Seton Hall, South Florida” are recruiting him, and have offered according to him, as have “LSU, Texas, Baylor, USC, Cal, Arizona” and others. The choice will be made “Probably my decision after the summer, like mid-Fall maybe” with “atmosphere, would I love being there if I wasn’t playing basketball” as “It’s not guaranteed, I might get hurt or anything. And then just academics and stuff” driving the decision. Ricardo expects to major in “finance or something.”

Does he think favorably of the B-EAST?

“It’s tough. (Great) Preparation for the NBA” was the response. “Eighteen teams in one conference, I mean it doesn’t get any better than that.”


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By Ron Bailey

June 20, 2011 – Now that the National Basketball Players Association Top 100’s dust has settled, even more information can be reported on attending student athletes being recruited by BIG EAST member schools. Of course the league’s footprint was large, as kids from throughout the nation listed institutions from that conference. Two from Philadelphia are featured here.

Amile Jefferson6’8”, 195 lb, senior F, Friends Central (PA) – Jefferson, winner of the Camp’s Academic Achievement award put in work akin to good student’s preparing for final exams – he rebounded, filled lanes, defended, passed and scored his way to a stellar performance. To say he was one of the event’s most effective players is an understatement, as is noting Amile was a very hard worker.

What’s more impressive is that he still is not the best shooter or ball handler; Jefferson does it with effort, intelligence and grit, the last evidenced by playing around half the camp with a dislocated pinky finger on his left hand (which could demand surgery). Sure he hit shots (particularly spot up wing jumpshots from just inside the three point arc) and patted getting the rim (particularly in fast break/scatter court situations), it’s just that these are necessary points of improvement. Add getting stronger to that list ,which Jefferson recognizes as necessary.
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By Ron Bailey

June 18, 2011 – Yesterday the action picked up even still at the National Basketball Association’s Top 100 Camp. With BIG EAST prospects in abundance, it wasn’t hard catching up to a few.

Anthony Bennett6’7”, 230 lb senior F, Findlay (NV) – Hailing from Toronto, over the course of two years being in the States Bennett has been involved in a transformation of sorts. The change is clearly continuing and successful.

“That’s what I’m trying to do, because when I was in Canada, I was like the tallest person so they put me down low” shared the Toronto native when asked if he is in fact migrating to the perimeter. “When I came out here (America), everybody is the same height as me, if not taller, so I had to develop my game to a three-man (small forward) and take my player off the wing.”

He’s done that in NBAPA play, attacking the tin hard, finishing similarly. He also has been solid in pick and roll situations, battled inside, rebounded against everyone, and stepped up to defensive challenges. The only thing he really hasn’t demonstrated frequently is deep outside shooting and top notch ball handling.
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By Ron Bailey

June 17, 2011 – Packed with talented players, this year’s NBAPA Top 100 Camp has not disappointed on-lookers, as the action has been hot and furious. This series will document the play/recruitment of a number of players participating. These individuals are being recruited by BIG EAST schools.

Gabe York, 6’2”, 170 lb senior SG, Orange Lutheran (CA) – Previously more of a shooting guard, York has determined to he needs to be more of a set up man in NBAPA play (dropping five points a game on Day 1 for the 1-1 Spurs), saying “My coach told me he wants me to be more of a point guard. He doesn’t know how good of a scorer I am, and that’s fine, I’m not here to show anybody up, I’m here to help my team win”.

That’s a good mentality to have for any of his recruiting list schools, which includes Marquette, Notre Dame, Louisville, Kansas and Memphis.
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By Ron Bailey

April 14, 2011 – This past weekend Big Shots teamed with DC Assault to put on a grassroots tourney in District Heights, Maryland. An estimated 100-plus teams spanning the 10-under through 17-under age groupings strapped on their shoes, taking the hardwood in battle. There were a number that played who are getting BIG EAST looks as future high-major recruits. Some of these players already have a reputation readers are aware off while others will be players to keep an eye on as they work to build up their names in the coming months on the AAU circuit.

First off, the well known….

Nate Britt shined at Big Shots - DCA last weekend. Class of 2013 guard has plenty of high-major attention from colleges

One such guy, Nate Britt, is already highly recruited by conference schools, with Villanova, Georgetown and Seton Hall having all offered the 6-foot-2 sophomore (Class of 2013) who shoots with his left but can dribble with both hands. West Virginia and Rutgers join others that are interested, including Virginia, Duke, and Texas. Arizona and UCLA have also offered Nate, a guard that can drive, shoot and pass, along with think the game.

What does he think about the BIG EAST? “It’s the best conference in America right now” was Britt’s response. Nate was one of the best players in this tourney, making i95Ballerz.com’s first team all star unit.

His DC Assault teammate, 6-foot-4 Torian Graham was tagged second team, and is also in high demand from conference schools, identifying Georgetown as having offered, and West Virginia being interested. UCLA, Clemson, Boston College and Miami have also invited him to attend, while Florida, Kentucky, Florida State and Kansas and others may do so soon.

Graham is a high flyer, one that can also drain jumpers from long distance, and defend in open court/press situations. An up and down style would seemingly fit him just fine.
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