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Dayshon Smith

Name: Dayshon Smith      
Class: 2013        
Position: Point Guard        
Height: 6’1        
Weight: 170        
School: Putnam Science Acad CT      
AAU Team: NY Lightning NY      
Recruiting Interest: Rhode Island Fordham Richmond Dayton UMass
  Providence DePaul Duquesne Pittsburgh Syracuse
Commitment: None        
NBE Class Rank: N/A        

Scouting Report: June 2012 – Affectionately called “Scooch” by just about everybody, Smith is an old school New York City point guard. He uses spins, hesitation moves, crossovers, and herky-jerky head fakes to constantly work his way into the paint and make plays. Once inside he’s equally likely to use a soft floater, explode towards the rim, or whip a pass out to a 3 point shooter at any and all angles. While his physical skills are impressive it’s the mental side of the game where Smith truly separates himself from the competition. He has a unique understanding of when to get others involved and when to look for his own offense. In the first half of a Saturday night victory Scooch ran the show and got everyone else the ball in spots where they could be successful. Then down the stretch of the second half with the outcome still in the balance he took matters into his own hands and seemed to score on every possession down the floor. This is not the first time I’ve seen Smith master the balance of keeping teammates happy for 3.5 quarters and then closing the game out himself in the final moments. It’s unusual for players at the high school level to already understand that just because they can get their own shot any time doesn’t always make it the right decision. Scooch is ahead of the game in this area and it’s a mindset that will continue to serve him well at the next level (Brian Bosworth at Rumble in the Bronx).

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