NBE Basketball Report

Kaleb Tarczewski

Name: Kaleb Tarczewski
Class: 2012
Position: Center
Height: 7’0
Weight: 220
School: St. Mark’s School MA
AAU Team: NE Playaz MA
Big East Interest: Connecticut
Other Schools: Kansas Arizona
Commitment: None

Scouting Reports: May 2011 - Kaleb is so much bigger and stronger than almost all of his opponents at this level that officials tend to give him a little bit of Shaq-treatment. Defenders are constantly hanging all over him, but because Kaleb has the strength to fight through the contact, the whistles often get swallowed. He never loses his cool and shows frustration with the consistent hacking but instead goes about his business finishing in the paint and converting at the free throw line on the rare occurrence when he does get a whistle. In today’s day and age many big men think they are perimeter players and spend too much time jacking up deep shots and trying to beat their opponent off the dribble. Kaleb is the rare throw back who fully understands his strengths and utilizes them by establishing low post position and finishing with two hands at the rim. The longest shot he attempted in this game was an eight foot jump hook over his left shoulder which he executed beautifully banking it in for good measure. Kaleb is equally comfortable finishing with either hand within 4 feet and knows how to use his body to create separation before dropping the ball in the hole. He rarely puts the ball on the floor usually only doing so to gather his feet before exploding to the rim for a dunk attempt (Brian Bosworth at NERR Invitational).

NERR Spring Invitational – Saturday Rundwon (NBE Basketball Report) – May 2011

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